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Corporate Responsibility

Good corporate governance is a given in any successful and well run company, being in business is about much more than having effective corporate governance; it is also about respecting all stakeholders in our business and being good corporate citizens in the environment and geography in which we operate. This therefore means placing corporate responsibility high on our corporate agenda.

Treating Clients Fairly
All financial services regulated firms are bound by a number of operating principles set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the main UK financial services regulator. One of the main principles states that “a firm must pay due regard to the interest of its customers and treat them fairly”. Berkeley Burke & Company Limited has always been, and remains, committed to providing the highest standards of service and impartial advice to our clients. As a regulated advisory firm we take very seriously the requirements of the FCA, in particular the requirement to treat our clients fairly. We strive to do this in all that we do. We undertake that all of our actions will be guided by the fundamental principle that the interests of our clients are paramount. Our systems and procedures are designed to place our clients’ interests at the heart of our business and all that we do.

Equal Opportunities
The company’s objective is to maintain operational standards so that all its employees and employment applicants are treated equally with no discrimination in respect of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or belief, disability, age, marital status and ethnicity. Recruitment, promotion, training and development shall be determined on capability and merit only. All employees have personal responsibility for the practical application of this policy; this applies to the treatment of clients, suppliers and the general public as well as to fellow work colleagues. Any person (employee, manager, supervisor and director) involved in recruitment, promotion or training has specific responsibility for the practical application of this Equal Opportunity Policy. Berkeley Burke recognise the nine protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 and apply the provisions of the Act in full in all areas of our organisation.

Environmental policy
Berkeley Burke is committed to creating business growth whilst ensuring that our impact on the environment is minimised and is committed to adopting environmentally responsible policies.  The management of Berkeley Burke is committed to:

  • The efficient use of energy and other utilities
  • Promoting waste minimisation by recycling or finding other uses of by-products whenever economically viable
  • Promoting the efficient use of resources, energy and fuel throughout the Company’s operations.

In addition, Berkeley Burke will:

  • Consider environmental issues in decision making
  • Develop a relationship with suppliers and clients so that our environmental responsibilities are recognised
  • Educate our staff so that they carry out their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

Berkeley Burke Group Limited is registered in England with company number 04136164, and is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority through our subsidiary companies.

See Compliance page for further information.

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