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Auto-Enrolment & Re-enrolment

Employers are required under the Automatic Enrolment legislation to put certain staff back into a pension scheme, every three years; this is called 're-enrolment'

If you are approaching the third anniversary of your staging date and require a review of your pension scheme to assess whether the Scheme still meets your requirements, or you just want some help to understand the process of re-enrolment, Berkeley Burke can assist you with this too.

Compulsory Auto-Enrolment legislation relating to workplace pensions was introduced from October 2012 to encourage more employees to save for their retirement. For employers, Auto-Enrolment will be a business critical issue and will impact key areas such as business operating costs, business systems, and administrative processes.

Berkeley Burke offers Auto-Enrolment Solutions that meet the needs of most employers, and our service solution modules are designed to help them manage the costs and to reduce the administrative burden of pension Auto-Enrolment in the workplace, allowing them to concentrate of running their businesses.  

Berkeley Burke offers a standard, fixed-price service module which is designed to meet the needs of employers who merely wish to achieve minimum compliance with the legislation and nothing more, and our more bespoke service solution, which is designed to deliver more tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of employers who may wish to do more than just the minimum required.  Berkeley Burke's Auto-Enrolment Solutions will provide your business with:

AE Jigsaw Ideas for managing the additional costs
AE Jigsaw Strategic and technical support
AE Jigsaw Proven processes delivered by an expert team
AE Jigsaw Comprehensive administrative support
AE Jigsaw A range of communication methods to suit your needs
AE Jigsaw Peace of mind for you and your employees

We have a range of guides and documents to provide you with an overview of the main legislative requirements and employer duties required to become Auto-Enrolment compliant, and you can access and/or download our documents and guides relating to Auto-Enrolment by clicking here, or on the menu link. 

In order for us to review and evaluate both your workforce payroll and the suitability of your existing pension schemes for the purposes of Auto-Enrolment, we require all employers to complete an Auto-Enrolment Employer Questionnaire.  You can complete this form by clicking the button below to go to the online version, or click the button 'Print Auto-Enrolment Employer Questionnaire' to access a printable version of the form.  We will also require specific information about your employees, which can be provided to us via the Employee Data Sheet, which is also available on the Auto-Enrolment Downloads page, or via the button below.

 AE Employer Questionnaire   AE Employer Questionnaire Print  Employee Data Sheet Button

If you experience any issues downloading or accessing our Auto-Enrolment documents, have any specific pensions requirements, or you would like to talk to us about your circumstances and Auto-Enrolment in greater detail, then please do not hesitate to contact Berkeley Burke's dedicated Auto-Enrolment team on  0116 204 2992, or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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