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Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs)

A SIPP is a flexible, tax efficient scheme that gives you the freedom to choose where to invest your pension savings. Unlike a traditional personal pension, you are not constrained by a limited number of pre-determined asset classes.  

Here at Berkeley Burke we offer both a full SIPP and a Simple SIPP option:

Our Full SIPP gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose where to invest your pension savings. You have total control to invest for your ideal retirement.

The Berkeley Burke SIPP provides access to the broadest possible range of investments, including shares, bonds, futures, unit trusts and hedge funds. You can even invest directly in commercial property.

A typical commercial property investment could be your business premises. Benefit from a capital gain on the property's value over time and receive untaxed rental payments from your business. Moreover, it is possible to use a mortgage to purchase the property, adding further flexibility and potential for boosting returns.

Simple SIPP
A flexible solution for managing your retirement savings. Our Simple SIPP is a lower cost alternative for those not wanting to hold commercial property.

Our Simple SIPP offers you the freedom to choose a single asset investment strategy and hold the individual investment directly in your pension plan. This flexibility is in stark contrast to a traditional personal pension, where you have very little choice as to where your contributions are invested.

If you are seeking more control over your pension savings and would like to invest in a regulated investment asset chosen with your financial adviser, consider the Berkeley Burke SIPP.

Unlike a Full SIPP the Simple SIPP does not allow for commercial property. It is often referred to as a 'starter' SIPP and due to the reduced complexity of investment administration, the fees are lower. 

For further information relating to our SIPPs, or if you have any queries, then
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This site is for financial advisers only. Berkeley Burke does not provide investment advice and we only accept clients through a professional Financial Adviser who can help them decide whether our products are suitable. Berkeley Burke will assess whether an investment can be held by a SIPP/SSAS, however we are not responsible for the performance of the investment or service provided by the investment manager.

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